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Video Capture and Editing

If you have old VHS tapes laying around, decaying and fading into worse and worse shape each year bring to us and we convert them to a digital format and you’ll never have to worry about losing a tape to decay or disaster.

We can take your VHS, SVHS or betacam tapes and capture them to a digital format that can be used in a variety of ways. We offer multiple types of video types:


  • AVI – raw video/audio for archival purposes
  • WMV – Windows media format. Most computers can play it back, and it offers high video quality with powerful compression ratios
  • DIVX – popular video format that offers high video quality with incredible compression ratios
  • MPEG1 – standard for video CDs and playback on slow computers
  • MPEG2 – standard for DVDs, high quality

We also support most digital video types, such as DV and mini DV, with powerful capture software and high speed firewire and USB 2.0 connections.

Film/Video Editing

With new digital video camcorders and inexpensive home software, everyone can lay claim to some kind of video editing capability in this day and age. Unless you have some powerful software and an intricate knowledge of video formats, you may not be making full use of the video resources you have available.

Video editing includes trimming and cutting of extraneous or unnecessary video, resequencing of video clips and timed transitions. At Multimedia Creations, we have all the hardware and software required for video editing at our fingertips – we can capture your video, resequenced and clean it up.Then produce it for the web, CD, or DVD. If you need a VHS or SVHS master created, we can do that as well.

We make use of powerful and industry standard software such as Adobe Premiere, as well as innovative products in the Open Source movement. By using a mix of traditional and cutting edge software. We can cover all the bases.

Once we’ve finished editing your video (maybe a wedding video, a commercial, a technical demonstration?), we can encode it for the web, VCD, or DVD. Your video can be portable, easy to view and use by almost any audience, and we can even archive your original, uncut video for future projects.

DVD Authoring Services

DVD technology has finally reached truly mainstream proportions. DVD players are rapidly replacing aging VHS machines in many households and most pre-built computer systems are shipped with DVD-ROM drives as standard equipment. In the meantime, it has also become easier and more cost efficient to author DVD solutions, which is why we are able to offer you this service today at incredible value. We can perform the following services in DVD creation:

  • MPEG1 or MPEG2 encoding
  • Menus and Backgrounds
  • Multiple Soundtracks
  • Multiple Subtitle tracks

We can capture from multiple formats – we can pull from analog video sources, s-video, composite, DV and mini-DV, and most digital video sources. While having your video encoded for DVD creation, why not get it available in web ready format? We can supply you with CDs or DVDs of video encoded in DivX, mpeg, Windows Media Format, and more. Streaming or non-streaming, low quality or high quality. For an additional price, we can also archive the raw, uncompressed digital video for your future projects.


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