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The World Wide Web is a vast universe of information, opportunity, and potential. Mindset Production is determined to help your business develop recognition on the world wid web. Mindset uses strategies that will ensure that your site will stand out with an unique interface on the internet. Mindset’s web development team have the experience and knowledge to maximize the potential of your site by attracting the Web user and enhancing their experience on line.

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Mindset Productions uses a number of programming languages and programs to design a perfect web site for you. Our Web Development Team have a vast knowledge in HTML, DHTML, XML, JAVASCRIPT. and Flash mx. For server and database communication we use my sql, asp and java.

Web Design Process

At Mindset Productions learn all about your business, and marketing strategies. We pride ourselves on thoroughly researching and understanding the needs, goals and objectives of each of our clients. Mindset Productions will provide concepts, and marketing approaches that you have used in the past, and discuss what techniques you are planning on using in the future. Once we have a thorough understanding of what your goal is, we can construct some ideas and concepts that we brainstormed about. After your approval of the concept we continue the design process with several tests of sample groups, until we are confident that the piece will reach its intended market. As your Web design studio, we will focus on your satisfaction and business success.

Design & Production

To create an effective Web site takes much more than programing and computer skills. It takes advanced graphic design skills and strategic marketing expertise. Mindset Productions creates fast loading, high-quality, eye-catching graphics so that a user will find what he or she needs and wants as quick as quick can be. We will take the strategic plan and create a powerful visual identity to get your message across the world wide web.

Mindset Production will keep you informed and involved in every step of production by updating you regularly and making inquires throughout the duration of the project.

The Will and Determination to be Heard, to be Seen and to be Remembered!
Mindset Productions

Strategic Planning

Mindset Productions will brainstorm with your company and discuss domain name registration and selection of a Web host provider. Then by working closely with your staff, Mindset Production will create a detailed strategic plan for how your site will function based on your business strategy.

Launch & Promotion

Upon final approval of your finished site, Mindset Productions will publish your site on the Internet. Most websites after completion we can develop internet marketing strategies for web-site promotion. We can advertise your site world wide and target local demographics through search engines. Ad banners are also another effective tool for site promotion. Contact us for more info on ad banner pricing.


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