MIndset Productions Professional Video Production

Mindset Wedding Video Production

We founded this Wedding Video Production Company to provide a high quality alternative for couples who wish to document their marriage ceremonies by filming a sophisticated and professional wedding video production. Anyone with a digital camera can make a wedding video movie, however knowing how to tell the story requires skill. If you have high standards, you need a Mindset Productions’ talent and expertise required to tell your story.

Professional Wedding Video Production

We specialize in professional wedding video productions that bring you the same cinematic quality and short film production. Although we are based in the Malverne, New York area, we have worked on projects throughout the U.S. and internationally. Your wedding video should reflect your unique personalities in the same way that your ceremony does; therefore, we consult with you and customize the look and feel of your production to fit with your individual taste. We attempt to capture not just the time-honored traditions of the wedding but also the small moments that make your celebration unique.

Mindset’s Videography Production

We specialize in video production and we offer only the finest video production services to our clients. As a video production company we offer services to create your next corporate video production or your next digital video production. We utilize computer video production for all projects. In film and video production you can be choosy and we hope you will reach for  us for your next video production.

Mindset Productions’ Editing Process

Our editing is done entirely on non-linear edit systems to provide you with the highest quality digital video editing. Audio and video editing are optimized utilizing the latest Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro systems available. We are able to handle any format including DV Cam, miniDV, S-VHS, VHS, Hi8, Digital Hi8, 8mm, and practically any other format tape out there. We are very experienced in doing long and short form videos for clients. Our video production editing is among the best in the industry and we take pride in our video editing.

Mindset Productions = The Will and Determination to be Heared, to be Seen and to be Remembered!


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